Productivity. Everyone has one yet everyone’s talking about how great theirs is.

I have read so many of them my head aches. Everything ranging from Inbox Zero to meditation to drinking Kale juice for making sure your mind is focused.

Most of it is bullshit.

The first truth I learned is that the type of productivity you employ is based on your personality. Some people like lists (the OCD ones that have a tendency to keep nibbling). Some do it intuitively as and when it happens. However, let’s face it, intuitive people can’t remember everything so you need a list which is sort of feeding off the first bucket of people.

My recommendation is to try different systems to find out which ones to take and tweak. There’s no one system that works all the time. There are only those that don’t work at all. Like that Kale bullshit or eye roll meditating before email.

Here are my experiments on it. For both email and completing tasks. I use the Due app because it is annoying af but I get things done. I use apple notes to store and use icloud/gmail for personal (I am transitioning) and Apple mail for work.

The Ivy Lee Method for Tasks

Lee explained his simple method for achieving peak productivity:

The Wired method for email productivity.

What has worked for you? Let me know. karthickgopal at gmail dot com if you don’t want to reply here.