Chamath and Vinod Khosla chat with Waterloo Engineering in their episode Hack the North Keynote.

I enjoyed listening to both of them detail their thoughts about the world, VC, social media and more.

The connection between them before was very interesting. When Chamath was a lot younger, he wrote to the VC firm Kleiner Parkins asking to be an intern/employee (we all have done this at some point or the other!) and Vinod was the only that replied to him. While he didn’t offer him the job he left a deep impression on Chamath who looked up to him. It’s also seen in Chamath’s latest tweet.

Chamath's Tweet

Vinod was the only one in a venture firm that replied to Chamath when he was first starting out and that left a deep impression on him.

A lot of the talk is about their visions of the future but there is a lot of advice and mechanics that they mention which really is the most interesting thing to me.

Here’s some takeaways.

The conversation ends with this question that is asked,

What do you wish people asked you more? The role of role models is very important. Before we had only football and basketball models to look like. Having these heroes who emulate the story you have.

I wrote my own abridged version of Mentors here.